Web Series Funding

To raise money for our web series, we had to get creative. Unfortunately, our fathers are not Steven Spielberg.

So, we organized a comedy show featuring Chicago stand-ups, improv groups, and a live reading of our first episode.



Event Space in Chicago

People hang out outside our event space in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago.


Event Crowd

The event crowd enjoys the reading of the first Dear Dark Lord episode script (with corresponding storyboards).



Star Savanna Rae (Cora), Becca Sheehan (Mysterious Woman), and Dr. Greg Matthews (Shitty City Creep) do a (completely cold) reading from the Dear Dark Lord script, while writer Pat Cavanaugh holds a flashlight for support.

The night included beer for those who wanted it — which we aptly called Beer Dark Lord.

Guests also had the opportunity to film bit parts as Eldritch Lords in the web series.

Thank you to all the friends, Chicago comedians, and family who gave us the resources we needed to produce our web series!