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Where to Find Web Series?


I am Ham Stevens, normal human and SEO Evangelist for the web series Dear Dark Lord

On my world, which is certainly Earth, SEO stands for 'Sing Explainings Online.'

Good SEO practice is to 'answer questions' people search for — I know this as an SEO Expert. One question we hear a lot at Dear Dark Lord is: Where to Find Web Series? Luckily Ham Stevens has the explainings, and he shall sing them to you forthwith.

This is me, Ham Stevens.

This is me, Ham Stevens.

Three Tips for Web Series Finding

  1. You can find web series on your laptop: Simply enter "where to find web series" on or Ask Jeeves.
  2. Find web series on your phone: Finding web series on your phone is easy. Just pick up your phone, call your best friend, and ask them to search "where to find web series" on Ask Jeeves.
  3. Go on a space quest to find web series: Stop waiting for web series to come and find you, lazy human pig!! Power up your space ship, and begin your cosmic quest to find a web series today.


The Try To Convince You To Do Stuff Section

Of course, these are just three ways to answer the question where to find web series. Stay tuned for more tips on where to find web series — a task that will become easier once Dear Dark Lord's first season comes out. Also like us on facebook already!