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How to Monetize Your Web Series


Make Money with Ham Stevens

Look here, pal! It’s me, the Ham hero.

Looking to monetize your web series? It’s easy, ya meat stick! Learn some easy money-making tips for your web series from me, SEO Wizard at the web series Dear Dark Lord.


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Find Advertisers

The easiest way to monetize your web series is to help other businesses sell their goods. Of course, people need to actually watch your web series first. So, finding advertisers starts with marketing your web series well. Build a fanbase, and prove to advertisers that they can make more sales by sponsoring your work. That’s a real Ham-tip for rolling in some bucks, my love!

Become the CEO of a Company

Of course, Ham knows that finding advertisers is easier said than done. If you really wanna make money with your web series, try taking on a side gig as the CEO of a major company. Humans who are CEOs tend to make a whole lotta dollars, my dude. Try becoming a CEO, and you’ll find your web series will become profitable overnight!

Sell Your Bones

You don’t need bones — take it from Ham. Walking meat only needs love, yet bones are always in high demand. Get rid of those bones, dopes, and start making money with your high-quality online content!

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