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'Hello from the Magic Tavern' Shouts Out 'Dear Dark Lord'

Hello From The Magic Tavern Illustration.jpg

Hello from the Magic Tavern gave Dear Dark Lord a shout out on their 11/06/17 episode, titled "Pulcifer the Unassuming." Listen to the entire episode below. The web series shout out (i.e. the part where I smiled like a dumb child and then numerous victory fist pumps) comes at minute 20. 

Thanks, Arnie, for reading out my entire email and playing along with my dumb jokes. For real, it was very sweet. And it was great to get a moment of recognition from a Chicago-grown podcast phenomenon.

If you aren't listening to Hello from the Magic Tavern, you should be. And if you haven't watched our teaser yet, may the Dark Lord consume your soul.