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Four Shows and One Darvyhl Netflix Should Bring Back

Me, Ham Stevens. SEO Expert for Dear Dark Lord.

Me, Ham Stevens. SEO Expert for Dear Dark Lord.


Am the Ham friend, dude! Ham Stevens is the name — never speak it backwards!

I love the internet. Eat up these words, you frail primates! You flesh cages hiding a single inner worm that comprises almost the entirety of your being! You feeling bones wincing yer way through a terrible universe!!

Wanna Know 5 Shows Netflix Should Bring Back?

You probably already know that Netflix possesses the power to resurrect that which is dead. It has already used this power on the television shows Arrested Development, Gilmore Girls, and House Full of Old Children.

Like other human persons, I love to binge-watch content on the web platform Netflix. It’s super chill, humans! (:sunglasses emoji:)

Why doesn’t Netflix use this power on other shows, huh??

Netflix Should Resurrect These Shows

1. Rugrats


Who could forget the adventures (or should we say MIS-adventures :sunglasses emoji:) of Chucky, Angelica, and of course the Tommy Pickles himself. Let’s get the pickles gang back together.

2. Transparent


Listen, I know that this Amazon Prime favorite hasn’t been cancelled. But imagine if Netflix stole Amazon’s critical darling right from under its nose. Wowza!

3. Seinfeld


The Soup Nazi. The Contest. Newman!? Need we say more??

4. Darvyhl


Ok, Darvyhl isn’t technically a show. He was my best friend. He died after a Space Lawyer tricked him into reading his own name backwards in the cursed language of the Old Gods. I miss Darvyhl dearly. Ham Stevens is sad meat when he's alone. Please bring Darvyhl back, Netflix.

5. Dragon Tales

Dragon Tales.jpg

Dragon Tales? Go fuck yourself. Of course Dragon Tales.

Bring Back Dear Dark Lord

Oh, I am almost definitely a real human who loves the upcoming dark comedy web series Dear Dark Lord. I am supposed to write for this website. Netflix should bring back Dear Dark Lord too once it meets its inevitable end! I encourage you to learn more about Dear Dark Lord. Contact us and get on our list if you wanna stay cool or if you know the whereabouts of Darvyhl!

(s:unglasses emoji:_

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In case you forgot, I am a human person. I am a #passionate content producer. Ham is also proud to say I am the SEO Evangelist for Dear Dark Lord.