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Dear Dark Lord Teaser Released

Check out our first teaser for Dear Dark Lord!

Filming Dear Dark Lord at Free Range Office


Shout Out to Free Range Office

When we wrote an office space into nearly half of Dear Dark Lord, we weren’t entirely sure where we’d film those scenes.


Meaning, we had no idea where we would film those scenes.

One of the challenges of filming our DIY web series has been finding suitable locations within our tight budget, but we didn’t want to settle for a space that would look amateurish.

Fortunately for us, the friendly folks at Free Range Office, a coworking space in Wicker Park, hooked us up for a reasonable rate. The beautiful, understated space let in plenty of natural light and gave us the perfect office environment for our scrappy DIY production. Here are some behind-the-scenes looks from our day of filming at Free Range Office!

More From Dear Dark Lord

We're sooooo, sooo close to wrapping production on Dear Dark Lord, and we should have something to show you soon. Sign up for our mailing list to stay in the loop, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks again to Free Range Office for providing us with a place to shoot our office scenes!

P.S. Yes, I have gotten your emails about Ham Stevens. I have no idea how he is or how he keeps posting on this site. I cannot confirm that he is a real human, and we never hired an SEO Manager. We are still working on looking into this hack, and we are sorry for the confusion.

Introducing 'Dear Dark Lord'

DDL Storyboards EP 1 sb 2.jpg

Hello, walking nervous systems.

Engage your eye sensors, and relay this information to your mind sponge.

There is soon to be a web series called 'Dear Dark Lord.'

I am a featured player in this web series, as is my servant, Cora.

The series will stimulate your mind with incongruities that cause the involuntary joy shriek, which you brain sticks seem to love.

Prepare for the release of happy chemicals, soon followed by a sense of discomfort.

And as always, remember to review, rate, and subscribe!!!!

 — The Dark Lord